Advertising Photographer Company

You may be blown away by an individual’s advertising photography portfolio and that is wonderful. This photographer has developed a command of ad photography that had an impact on you. This, unfortunately is only half the battle. It’s relatively uncommon for a photographer to both be insanely talented at the art form and have outstanding marketing skills in the business and client relations side of the business. 

One of the benefits of working with Moonshine Media Group is that you will have the power and encouragement of the team to delegate and share the workload among those who excel at their jobs. What’s left is the ability to focus on the gear, lighting, composition and various areas of ingenuity and creativity available. This is how we embody the roles of the advertising photographer; we were once all amateurs making mistake after mistake and we cut our teeth on the process to bring to you an expert experience.

Call us. Let’s discuss your advertising photography project.